Cameroon’s Anglophone regions pass special status bill


A bill granting special status to Cameroon’s two crisis-hit anglophone regions was passed by lawmakers on Wednesday, says report.

If the Senate approves the devolution law and it comes into force, the areas where separatists are fighting government troops will be able to develop their own education and justice policies, report said.

North-West and South-West provinces are Cameroon’s English-speaking regions.

Life in Cameroon’s two English speaking provinces has been brought to a standstill by three years of conflict, which has cost about 3,000 lives and forced 500,000 from their homes.

This bill is an attempt to stop that violence.

The dispute had been simmering for decades, but boiled over in 2016, when teachers and lawyers started to protest against the use of French in schools and courts.


Dominica Nwabufo