Cameroon’s Anglophone separatists appoint new leader


Separatists in Cameroon’s restive regions under the so-called ‘Republic of Ambazonia’ have named Sako Ikome Samuel as its new leader.

The new development comes in the wake of the arrest and deportation of Julius Ayuk Tabe, the group’s known leader. Tabe and 46 others were handed over to Cameroon from Nigerian authorities after they were arrested in an Abuja hotel in January 2018.

In his first address posted on Youtube, Ikome Samuel in his capacity as Acting President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia declared that the movement had now entered an era of individual and communal self defense.

“Now is the era of self-defense. From effective personal self defense to legitimate Ambazonia community protection programs to stop the wanton destruction of lives and our property in Ambazonia.

“We are therefore going to work to accredit and embrace all self defense and security groups that will endorse our IG rules of engagement. I will be reaching out to all in the days ahead,” he stressed in the over 21 minutes address.

Cameroonian’s government accuses the group of being behind rising violence in the northwestern and southwestern regions. The two areas known as ‘Anglophone Cameroon’ has been at the heart of clashes between pro-government forces and secessionists.