Cartoonists worldwide celebrate late Kofi Annan


Kofi Annan was a known fan of the arts; he honoured concerts, met with heavyweights in the entertainment industry and was particularly a keen fan of cartoons.

Annan has been hailed by people in the industry for his role direct and indirect in championing the cause of using the arts to reach across others.

He was an honorary president for the Cartooning for Peace project which he helped found in 2006. “The loss of Kofi Annan, Honorary president of Cartooning for Peace, arouses a deep sadness and also represents a big loss for freedom of speech.

After an outstanding diplomatic career, the former United Nations Secretary-General, also Nobel Peace Prize, gathered press cartoonists from all around the world in 2006 at UN: he wanted to build a bridge between press cartoonists and the various cultures on the planet,” Plantu, president of the group wrote in a tribute.

The group which has 183 editorial cartoonists from 64 different countries have since published 11 pieces in honour of their former honorary president.

Their main aim is drawing for a better understanding and respect between people of different cultures and beliefs.

Several other cartoonists across Africa have also done works on the Kofi Annan effect.

In Hollywood Forest Whitaker has paid respects along with the crew at Sesame Street.

South African music icon Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Britain’s Naomi Campbell have all paid glowing tribute to the global diplomat who died aged 80 in Switzerland.

Hauwa Mustapha