Case against Tanzanian rights activist postponed


The case against detained Tanzanian rights activist Tito Magoti has been postponed until 21 January.

Mr Magoti, a public affairs officer at the Legal and Human Rights Centre in Dar es Salaam, was abducted by unknown men in December last year at a busy market in the city.

His family and colleagues looked for him for hours before police confirmed that they were holding him for questioning.

Two days later, Mr Magoti was arraigned in court alongside Theodory Giyan, an IT expert at a private company.

They were both charged with economic crimes including money laundering, charges which are not bail able in Tanzania.

Their lawyers deny all the charges.

The Legal and Human Rights Centre has tweeted about the postponement of their case,

‘‘Both Mr Magoti and Mr Giyan are known to be critics of government on social media’’.

Analysts in Tanzania believe such charges against dissenters may have nothing to do with actual economic offences but are a way for the government to detain them indefinitely and send a warning to other would-be critics.

Rights groups have been calling for a review of laws that deny bail to suspects accused of some of economic offences.


Dominica Nwabufo


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