Cataract, diabetic glaucoma leading causes of sight loss — Ophthalmologist


An ophthalmologist, Dr Muyiwa Ajayi, says cataract, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma are some of the leading causes of sight loss in the country.


Ajayi who was interviewed by the press in Abuja, said that glaucoma and cataract could happen to anyone anytime, but were avoidable.


The ophthalmologist, who said that a comprehensive eye examination could catch a variety of underlying health and vision issues, added that most sight problems were avoidable.


He disclosed that scientists at University of Cambridge were researching a new strategy to restore vision known as
“molecular scaffolding”.


He explained that the strategy had potential to restore damaged eye nerve cells that would lead to successful eye
transplant and restore sight to glaucoma patients.


He, therefore, stressed the need for healthy lifestyle and regular eye checks, saying “the eyes are
responsible for most information the brain receives.”


The ophthalmologist also emphasised the consumption of foods rich in Vitamin A, noting that government had made giant strides toward ensuring that foods were fortified but
there was more to be done.


He urged stakeholders to get involved and work with government to eliminate avoidable blindness.