Catholic priest tasks religious leaders on security 


By Ngozi john-Anigbogu

A Catholic Priest, Reverend Father James George has asked religious leaders in Nigeria to take the issue of insecurity in the country to the Pulpit and to insist that their followers preserve the sanctity of life.

 Reverend Father George, who is a priest of the Archdiocese of Abuja in the Federal Capital Territory, gave the charge in an interview with Voice of Nigeria in Abuja.

The clergyman urged the religious leaders to join their efforts with those of the government to tackle the security problem in the country. ‘’ As the government is making their efforts, so too, religious leaders should use the pulpit, a rostrum for the Pastors, the Pulpit for the Priests, the Microphones the Islamic leaders use to preach, they should use them to tell their people to respect the sacredness of live. If they respect it, I tell you the insecurity you experience here and there will not be there’’ 

Father George said without security, Nigeria would not develop and called on the citizens to get involved in the battle to combat the problem adding that security  should be everybody’s business.

 He noted that the people who perpetrate security crimes live with the people, as brothers or relatives and are known by them.

He called on Nigerians to report any suspicious movement to the appropriate authorities and not to give up on the country but to contribute to the development of the nation. 

‘’ I, as a person, believe that Nigeria will be great and I encourage every Nigerian to have the same belief and hope. We shouldn’t give up, it is our country and we must work hard for it. Things may be difficult now but we cannot give up on this country. We must put heads together to move this nation forward’’ he stressed.

Reverend Father George expressed the hope that if the right things were done, Nigeria would recover all that she has lost in no distance future. 

‘’We have to get it right now, the right decisions have to be made, the right leaders have to be elected; not based on sentiments, religious or party affiliations,” he stated.

He adds that whoever is good for any position should be the one to get it,  explaining that Nigeria cannot continue doing things the way it has been doing it since the past fifteen years. 

 Lateefah Ibrahim