Centre for Democracy dismisses link of 5G network to COVID-19

By Na'ankwat Dariem


As the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the world, the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) has dismissed the rising claims and conspiracy theory linking the new 5G network with COVID-19 outbreak.

The Director of the Centre, Mrs Idayat Hassan, in Abuja, noted that social media platforms users across the world have continued to share posts claiming that the 5G network and not the coronavirus, is making people sick with many dying from its effect.

According to her, “in Nigeria, some prominent Nigerians have linked the 5G network to coronavirus, or a conspiracy they referred to as the coming of the ‘New World Order’. 5G does not cause Coronavirus” she said.

She explained that “there are two types of 5G: ‘sub-6 GHz’, whose wavelengths are under 6 GHz, and ‘millimeter wave’, whose frequencies are above 24 GHz. The sub-6 GHz signals are not exclusive to 5G; 4G networks, Wi-Fi and microwaves all operate using sub-6 GHz signals.”

Conspiracy theorists point to the launch of 5G networks around the same time as the discovery of the first case in China as proof of the relationship. However, the 5G China installed is the sub-6 GHz type. In other words, your microwave hasn’t given you coronavirus in all your years of use, neither will 5G networks,” She said.

She said that people should not expect any harmful effects of 5G on health.

According to Hassan, the WHO in a statement on its website said: “To date, and after much research performed, no adverse health effect has been causally linked with exposure to wireless technologies.”

She also noted that the WHO and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) have maintained the virus might have been contracted from animals before its person-to-person spread.

There is no scientific connection between the introduction or installation of 5G network and the Coronavirus pandemic. No Nigerian network provider is transmitting on the 5G network as the government is yet to issue a licence to any of them to do so” She said.

According to the Director, the CDD was wary of the unfounded conspiracy theories peddled by influential persons and thus urge the general public to disregard such theories.

Emmanuel Ukoh