Chief Imam calls for collaboration among government and religious leaders

Eid-el Fitr prayer in Cross Rivers State

By Igbogi-Green Imelda, Calabar

The Chief Imam, Cross River State, Bashir Salinke Abuga has urged all Imams, Pastors and the three arms of government in Nigeria to work together to achieve peace, harmony and unity among citizens.

Abuga stated this during the Eid-el Fitr prayer at the Cultural Centre Complex, in Calabar, Cross River State, South-South, Nigeria.

”There is need to work together among the Imams, Pastors, governors, Counsellors, everybody, even up to the President, this is because of the authority bestowed upon us by God and we must be answerable to Him if not on this earth, hereafter. We cannot just take people’s mandate and toy with it,’he said.

Patient with each other
The chief Imam also said that ”Nigerians should be patient with each other, be our brother’s keepers and live peacefully with one another…”The most important thing is that, there should be patience among us, peaceful co-existence, be your brother keeper and above all love among Muslims faithful.

Kidnapping and corruption should be stamp out of the country and Police, Military and all the arm forces should work together in the fear of God,’’,Abuga added.

Also speaking, an Islamic faithful Alhaji Labaran Salihu pointed out that the period of Ranmadan is the time to pray for all the people in the country.

In his view an Islamic scholar, Alhaji Umaru Yola reiterated the benefits derivable from the Ramadan fast.

”The fast is not compulsory to all Muslims, but when it is carryout by Muslims there is a reward from God after the fasting,’’Alhaji Yola said

He advised Muslim faithfuls to continue in upholding the tenets of Ramadan fast, to continue attracting Allah’s blessings.

Alhaji Yola stated that; ”We should be humble, continue with our good deeds, don’t fight and don’t look for trouble.

”I want everybody to abide by Islamic law, you must love your brother before you can love yourself, to have a complete faith.’’

The Eid-el Fitr service was attended by adherents from various parts of the state.


Mercy Chukwudiebere