Child killed in Ethiopia eagle attack


Families in Ethiopia’s Somali region say they have been experiencing a spate of eagle attacks.

At least one child has died and two others have been injured in the district of Gaashaamo.

Muno Shuayb is the mother of one of the wounded children.

She reporters that she was in her room when she heard her son scream:

“We rushed outside the house. I saw it holding my son on the ground and biting him. He was crying ‘mother…mother!’. I ran to him and threw a stick at the bird.”

Mohamed Hassan, a senior police officer, says security has been bolstered in the area. They have also been a given shoot-to-kill order against the bird.

“There is an ongoing police operation. Police were deployed to the area and the surrounding jungle. We gave orders that it should be shot dead, but we are still searching for it.”


Sammie Idika