China adopts strategy to develop rural communities

Adoba Echono-Beijing China


Rural communities in China are undergoing major transformation with the provision of modern infrastructures.

The Chinese government is actualizing the rural transformation process through a strategy it adopted, known as Rural Rejuvenation.

One of the villages in China that is undergoing Rural Rejuvenation is the Liangquan Ideal Village in Beizhai Community, Laoshan District Qingdao City in Shandong Province.

The Head of the Ideal Village, Shi Jimei, said the Rural Rejuvenation is part of the strategy adopted by the Chinese government in ensuring that all rural communities in China are urbanized.

Mrs. Shi Jimei stated this when she received Senior Media Executives from Nigeria on  tour of the village, as part their activities at the  Research and Training Institute of the National Radio and Television  Administration China.

The Senior Media Executives from Nigeria are participating in a twenty one day seminar at the training institute sponsored by the Chinese government.

Mrs. Shi Jimei explained that the Rural Rejuvenation Strategy was initiated by the Chinese government to ensure that the rural areas are developed to the standard of the urban areas.

“The Strategy was adopted at the nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, in 2017, that was when we started the Strategy of the Rural Rejuvenation.”

Mrs. Shi Jimei said that the strategy is also aimed at ensuring that the people get the ideal life that they desire.

She said Chinese urban cities have undergone various phases of urbanization, and now the Chinese people desire to go to the villages to have a feel of nature which villages like the Ideal Village provide.

“China cities have undergone various forms of modernization, a lot of Chinese people are looking for homes in the villages, and we are trying to create harmony between man and nature.”

Mrs. Shi Jimei said the Ideal Village is also a resort where tourists can come and relax and have a feel of the natural ambience which the village is endowed with.

“The Ideal Village is also a resort, so it’s also for tourists, we started the work in 2017 and the village was officially opened on June 29 2019 after the official opening over one hundred tourists have visited the village.”

“Before the reconstruction and renovation of the Ideal village the people were relocated, with the official opening of the village the residents are gradually returning.”

The Ideal Village is now a sight to behold with modern infrastructure but still retaining its natural ambiance.

While in Qingdon, the Senior Media Executives from Nigeria also visited the Qingdon Radio and Television Station, where they discussed with the management of the broadcast media outfit on new developments in the media and how to enhance international cooperation between China and Nigeria in the media sector.

The team also visited the Qingdon Daily, and had talks with the management of the newspaper outfit on convergence media and how the print media in China is adapting to the challenges posed to the traditional media by the new media.

It was also a worthwhile experience for the Senior Media Executives from Nigeria when they visited the Qingdao Performance Arts Group a Singing and Dancing Theater group.

The team was entertained and regaled with the classical music by the group using traditional instruments.

The Qingdao Performance Arts Group recently won the Wenhua Award.

The Wenhua Award is a triennial award established by the Chinese Culture and Tourism Ministry to honor outstanding stage performances.

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