CIAT, farming initiative collaborate on agricultural productivity


The International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), has said it is collaborating with Alluvial Agriculture, a collective farming business as part of efforts aimed at advancing the cause of agricultural development in Nigeria.

CIAT Regional Director for Africa, Dr. Debisi Araba, and Alluvial Managing Director, Dimieari Von Kemedi, signed the agreement on behalf of the parties in Abuja at the Feed Nigeria Summit 2018, the biggest annual gathering focused on addressing the issues of global food sufficiency and security.

The summit, which ended recently, was geared towards facilitating strategic engagement between the private and public sectors, as well as other critical stakeholders in the agricultural sector to hatch home-grown solutions to challenges confronting the nation’s agriculture.

Speaking on the partnership, Dr. Araba said Alluvia’s direct engagement with various value chain actors, including farmers, provides CIAT with a conduit to rapidly disseminate agriculture innovations acquired and developed through partnerships and activities around the world.

With the agreement, CIAT provides Alluvial with the know-how, monitoring and evaluation framework to ensure that the investment in Nigeria is globally competitive and environmentally sustainable, and ensures that the investment is able to evolve and respond to market signals.

According to Araba, “Together, CIAT and Alluvial plan to establish a replicable model for scaling up adoption of agricultural technologies and innovations to improve livelihoods across the food value chain and foster environmental sustainability of agricultural development.”

“This partnership is poised to support and benefit all value chain actors, including those working in the production, distribution and consumption hubs of the food system,” he added.