Civil disobedience campaign kicks off in Sudan



A civil disobedience called by Sudanese protest leaders has taken off across the country according to reports on early Sunday, June 9.

Multiple neighbourhoods of the capital Khartoum have been deserted with very little sign of social life. The presence of security agents is however pronounced, reports added.

The Forces for Freedom and Change, FFC, an umbrella body for protest groups called for the civil disobedience following a chaotic week that saw a Khartoum sit-in violently dispersed by special forces.

The measure has also affected air travel at the country’s main airport with travellers stranded. Emirates Airlines has also announced a suspension of all flights to Khartoum till Monday, June 10 citing political unrest.

Meanwhile, a major FCC player, the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) has stressed that it will not return to talks with the ruling junta, the Transitional Military Council (TMC) till its demands are met.

As at today, an internet cut that was imposed mid-week last week continues to be in effect, reports have confirmed. Social media platforms, however, continue to be key in putting out information on ongoings in the country.

on Monday the streets of Sudan’s capital, Khartoum remain largely deserted, the second day of the indefinite civil disobedience campaign.

Many people heeded the call from protest and opposition groups for civil disobedience and the majority of businesses and offices in the capital, Khartoum are closed despite a few movements unlike on Sunday.

The aim is to force the country’s military leaders to transfer power to a civilian authority. A security operation on Sunday is said to have claimed four lives in and around Khartoum.

Despite the crippling nature of the shutdown, the junta’s spokesperson Gen. Kabbashi is on record as saying all was normal across Sudan.

The state-run television also showed footage suggesting that life was going on as normal in Khartoum but activists pointed out that the said footage was an old one.