Clergy warns politicians against violent restructuring

By Olubunmi Osoteku, Ibadan


The newly elected and appointed political leaders in Nigeria have been advised to consider true and sincere restructuring, to avert violent religious and ethnic restructuring.

The Bishop, Diocese of Ibadan South Anglican Communion, Reverend Akintunde Popoola gave the advice at a Press Conference in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, to herald a two-week programme marking the 20th  Anniversary Celebration of the Diocese.

Bishop Popoola said; “Nigeria is in the state we are because many people who do not believe that God is Omnipotent and Omnipresent continue in their wickedness.

 “If we all discard self-ascribed glory, power intoxication, self-aggrandisement, pride and self-centeredness, our society and country would be a better place.”

On various national issues, he said the government must formulate and implement without bias, uncompromised policies capable of totally uprooting corruption.

The cleric stressed that moral and spiritual legacies must first be fully established from home and warned against the glorification of ill-gotten wealth over sound character traits.

“The acknowledgement of God’s greatness, transcending power and ontological existence by people ensues in limitless blessings and surpassing peace. We condemn as erroneous, preaching and teaching of self-glorification,’’ Bishop Popoola stated.

According to him, the current issue facing Nigerian economy is unemployment, so government needs to understand that gainful employment must be a fundamental policy to curb incessant violence in the country.

Bishop Popoola encouraged the government to stand up to the task of reviving the economy of the nation and come up with plans for restructuring it.

“The bane of the success and growth of Nigeria seems to be corruption because it is a major problem. One of the present government’s agenda is to counter corruption but it seems undisturbed about the bewildering escalation of corruption despite the much-hyped fight against corruption,” he stated.

Bishop Popoola said that the issue of security in the country was complex and called on all the security chiefs to show more concern about the sporadic growth of insecurity.

He also called attention to the destruction of crops and property, killings and kidnappings across the country.

The cleric spoke about the issue of Leah Sharibu and other Chibok girls which is yet to be resolved, calling government to do the needful.

Bishop Popoola stressed that; “Nigeria remains a multi-religious entity where freedom of religion is enshrined in the constitution. The President should be objectively advised to de-emphasise crisis-promoting policies.”

He appealed to both government and citizens to contribute their quota to the growth of the country and prayed that newly elected and appointed leaders, especially the legislators would give sincere thought to a planned true restructuring.


Mercy Chukwudiebere