Climate Action: Mexicans, Brazilians hit the streets


Hundreds of Mexicans on Friday joined worldwide protests against climate change in the capital, chanting that they wanted a “future, not fossil fuels.”

Globally, we are taking decisions that do not take us to a sustainable future,” architecture student Manuel Serna, 23 said.

Protesters were planning to march from the Independence Monument to the Constitution Square in Mexico City.

It is seen, it is felt, the Earth is hot,” demonstrators chanted.

Some held placards reading “Clean energy, no refineries” and “Our planet, our future.”

Our world is already being finished and … we shall not have anywhere to live,” said 10-year-old Adrian Reyes, who had come to the rally with his mother.

In addition to the protest in the capital, dozens of rallies had been called around the country.

Samba anger

Brazilians also demonstrated against President Jair Bolsonaro’s environmental policies, which are seen as threatening the Amazon rainforest, dubbed “the lungs of the planet.”

Protesters in Rio de Janeiro displayed slogans such as “SOS Amazon” and “Change the system, not the climate.”

In the Chilean capital, Santiago, demonstrators held placards reading “Take care of the planet” and “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the pollution.”

Protests were also due elsewhere in South America, including Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.