Climate change :Foundation to mobilise Nigerians on impact


The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) is set to host the 2019 National Climate Action Week across Nigeria as the world combats the impact of climate change.

Mr. Oladapo Soneye, Head, Communication, NCF said the climate action week would be hosted with the support of some local and international NGOs, corporate organisations and others.

According to him, the atmospheric changing event, with the theme “Promoting Nature-Based Investment for Climate Resilience in Nigeria”, is scheduled for Nov. 25 to Nov. 29 in 15 states.

He said the states included Lagos, Abuja and other representative states across the six geopolitical zones.

Soneye said the objective of the Climate Action Week is to promote nature-based solutions to climate change through mobilising communities, businesses, the youth and women for climate action in Nigeria.

He said the Week would highlight some of the impact of climate change in Nigeria and unlock the potential of nature-based investment in building mitigation and adaptive capacity for people and ecosystem in the most vulnerable areas in Nigeria.

Soneye said that in July 2018, NCF conducted a satellite imagery assessment of how the Lagos coastline had changed over a period of 10 years forcing coastal communities/households to abandon their property.

He also said that the Lagos State Government in 2014 commissioned a brown infrastructural project to combat the continuous ocean surge with the building of concrete embankments and a follow-up groin development along some distance of the coastline.

Soneye said activities for the week include Climate Action Youth Forum Climate Action Leaders Summit; Tree Planting across Lagos coastline and five states in Nigeria; tour of a Nature-Based Investment Model Lekki Conservation Centre, and Global Climate Strike March in 18 states.