Climate change in Africa: UNEP advocates policy coherence in management


The UN Environment Programme (UNEP), on Thursday has called on African countries to foster more effective policy and harmonisation in managing climate change.

Richard Munang, Africa regional climate change coordinator at the UNEP said that African countries require unity that allows all ministries and other stakeholders to work together to meet climate action commitments.

He said that the ministry of environment should be in charge of leading the progress since the governments have policies in place.

The UNEP official noted that climate action must become an added tool in our countries’ economic development plans since prioritising climate action is an investment for direct and indirect realisation of socially and economically inclusive development.

Munang urged African governments to find the alternative financing model since it has already been agreed upon through high-level policy provisions instead of relying on traditional public assistance alone.

He noted that even though climate change is global, the poor are disproportionately vulnerable to its effects because they lack the resources to quickly recover from its effects.

Munang said that efforts to combat climate change must align with accelerating socioe-conomic growth to build resilient populations in the continent.