Climate strikers in ‘vulnerable’ Thailand call for action


Around 200 young people in Bangkok marched on Friday to submit an open letter calling for more action from the Thai government to help stop climate change.

The letter was addressed to the Thai minister of natural resources.

The Climate Strike Thailand group, which included participants as young as 7 years old, demanded that the government declare a climate emergency.

Thailand must set a target for 100-per-cent renewable energy share and decarbonise by 2040, by divesting from fossil fuels and phasing out coal by 2025 to limit carbon emissions and further climate change impacts,” the young people said in the letter.

Thailand is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, you can see from the impacts of droughts, floods, food and water scarcity, all these things that are happening right now,” event organiser Nanticha Ocharoenchai, 21, said.

Thailand has an annual drought season that affects agricultural crops and its north-eastern region is currently suffering from severe floods.

Theerathon Komklao, 24, a participant, who dressed up as a lion for Friday’s march, said many had skipped school and work to attend the event.

The point is that in not so many years ahead, the world will cease to exist, so why should we bother going to study,” Theerathon said.