Coach advocates periodic tournament for enhanced professionalism in tennis


Sunday Samuel, National tennis coach has stated the need for periodic tournaments to enhance professionalism in sports, especially among the teenagers in Nigeria

Samuel speaking on the sideline of the ongoing tournament in FCT, said that periodic tournaments were key to the development of tennis in other climes.

He said that big tennis-playing countries and players were exposed to periodic tournaments right from their childhood.

“Some of the big players like Serena Williams, Roger Federer Rapheal Nadal among others started with periodic tournaments

“We must join the line for our youths to compete favourably internationally,” Samuel said.

The coach, who called for massive sponsorship, said it was the biggest challenge inimical to tennis tournaments in the country.

According to him, there is every need to engage growing stars in sports on monthly basis to tune them for future tournaments.

He said that only competitions would spur the players into best forms.

The FCT tennis tournament, which is ongoing, for ages between 10 and 16 is aimed at building great tennis players.