NCC moves to protect Telecom Infrastructures

Na'ankwat Dariem, Abuja


The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has organised a Sensitisation Workshop on the Protection of Telecom Infrastructure to enlighten the public and other stakeholders on the need to protect Telecom infrastructure within their communities.

The sensitisation workshop took place in Nassarawa Eggon local government area of Nassarawa state North Central Nigeria.

Principal Manager, Zonal Operations, NCC, Mr Abubakar Usman,  who was represented by the Director, Zonal Operations, Mrs. Amina Shehu, said it is regrettable that vandalism has remained a major challenge to the deployment of telecom infrastructure in the country.

Regrettably, vandalism of telecom infrastructure has continued to be a major challenge in the telecom industry. However, the Commission has continued to collaborate with the relevant Agencies to ensure adequate security for telecom facilities.”

He explained that “it is instructive to note that the advent of GSM has re-engineered our economy and social well-being. However, there are some challenges pervading the seamless provision of telecommunication services in the country arising from some misconceptions and misguided facts about key telecom infrastructure such as Base Stations (BTS), etc. More so, these facilities have been targets of vandalism, theft and hostility from some host communities.

Mr Usma  therefore said it was imperative for the public to regard telecom facilities as “collectively owned infrastructure” that are crucial and essential for the provision of efficient and acceptable Quality of Service (QoS), and ought to be keenly protected.

“As we are aware, telecommunication has been an integral part of our daily lives with provision of services ranging from telephony, entertainment, information and learning over a broad range of media platforms,” he noted

In a Paper Presentation,the Senior Manager, Technical Standard and Network Integrity, Mr. Kunle Olorundare,  highlighted the Impact of Telecoms Infrastructure Vandalization as a factor that reduces the quality of service/qualily of experience, dropped calls, reduction in coverage area leading to dead spots on the network.

According to him, activities that Impact negatively on telecoms service availability are: telecoms cable vandalism (Fiber Cuts), Illegal Shutting down of base stations, battery and generator theft and illegal restriction of access to telecoms facilities. 

“Telecommunication is very important to everyone of us and as such we are all stakeholders in and must care to ensure that the infrastructures are well protected for our collective benefit.”Olorundare stated

The Chairman, Nasarawa Eggon Local Government,Mr. Idris Danlami Mohammed,  who was represented by the Supervisory Councilor for Social Service, Mr. Masin Godiya Anzakn, promised to take the information to the chairman who would pass it on to all the Councilors and District Heads so that the call for protection of Telecom infrastructure could get to the nooks and crannies of the local government.

The Programme is an initiative of the Nigerian Communications Commission aimed at sensitising Stakeholders, and creating awareness on the importance of telecommunication infrastructure in their domain.
Lateefah Ibrahim