Commission trains VON officers on capacity building

Hudu Yakubu, Abuja


The Infrastructure Concession Regulation Commission, ICRC, has trained Voice of Nigeria staff in the area of capacity building and process of delivering of some of its key infrastructural asset particularly in the area of housing loan for staff of the organization.

The Director Transportation Infrastructure of the ICRC, Mr Emmanuel Onwodi said, ICRC is one of the federal government agencies saddle with the responsibility of reviving Public Private Partnership, PPP, across government ministry, department and agencies to deliver infrastructures and attract private sectors investment.

Mr Onwodi added that, in this regard they work closely with government department to deliver those infrastructures.

In addition to that we also support imperia-capacity such as what we see happening here today. This is something we have done over the years, I personally have trained and involved in various training by government offices and even the private sectors and we have the opportunity of interacting with other similar agencies that are involve in broadcast. This is not a new thing, this is what we are happy doing. And we believe that any effort they have made in this will be for the overall interwar of the country”.

While stressing that PPP involve very diligent effort, he urged officers of VON who will be working in the PPP to be more committed to any assignment before them.

You are going to be working through procurement procedure; PPP is generally like a multi-disciplinary field where you acquire your skills from, difference profession to put together. I am an accountant for instance but I handle transport department and I have done projects across the various sector, health education, transport, defense, police and so on. Whatever we discuss with PPP ends up in the constitution agreement so the team that we will at the end of PPP with VON has to be a team that is sound enough to understand the kind of contract, their entry, how to manage risk, how to source for funding and how to negotiate with private sector so that we are like an Arsenal team playing against Enyimba team you know we stand shoulder to shoulder and we negotiate our deals and at the same time we expect that we be able to understand the basic procurement procedure. The legacy we have in the past across MDAs is that when we trained a set of officers by the time you go back they have move on”, the Director emphasized.

He appealed that they expect to have a stable team that over the years VON will be able to improve, train them, and expose them to as many training as possible.

The Director further hinted that ICRC will also make sure they involve the trained officers in their capacity building efforts both locally and globally.

 Mr Onwodi added that whenever there is programme and seminar, they will try to inform the organization especially the ones that are donor funded so that the officers can take advantage of such programme.

According to him, “We want to provide a template that would enable us collapse some of these processes and are on fast lane that we believe that within the next few months we can jointly work with you to deliver the asset which is the housing loan. After this capacity building programme we expect that you have some basic ideas, information or skills that would enable them work closely with them”.   

The Director General of Voice of Nigeria, Mr Osita Okechukwu urged the officers involve to take advantage of the training and equip themselves in various capacity building programmes they found themselves. 

Mr Okechukwu assured the participants and that VON will continue to welcome and support any initiative that would add value to the organization. 


Dominica Nwabufo