Commissioner Bulama lauds numerous achievements under present Borno government

Abubakar Sadiq, Borno


The Honourable Commissioner of Information and Culture, Dr. Mohammed Bulama has lauded the numerous achievements under the present government in Borno State, north-eastern part of Nigeria.

Dr. Bulama who was of the opinion that the government has achieved quite a lot under the present administration of the Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima, while speaking to Voice of Nigeria Correspondent during a courtesy visit to his office in Maiduguri, stated: “As you know, Borno State is a trouble state faced by the Boko Haram insurgency.

“The present administration of Governor Kashim came to power in May 2011 and since that time we have experienced a lot of challenges. The insurgencies have cost us thousands of lives and properties.

“Our airport was closed for almost 6 month, absence of GSM network for nearly a year, the inaccessibility of roads leading in and out of the state except for the Kano –Maiduguri road, power was cut off for almost a year. We had a regime of curfew and checkpoints at every one kilometre within the city and so many challenges.”

Mr. Bulama added: Despite all odds, today, under the able leadership of his Excellency, Borno state is gaining back its past glory. The current administration with all the enormous challenges confronting the state has managed to sustain the dividend of democracy. The government builds structures all over the state such as schools, road constructions, health sector, and the Educational sector.”

“In the education sector, we have about 40 mega schools which is 95 to 100 percent completion; it will take at least 500 students. The schools are built with first class facilities.

“On the girl child education we have done tremendously well, we paid special attention to tertiary level of our young girls we have sent over 100 girls to study medicine in Sudan, which they will be coming back soon.”

For the health sector, he said: If you go to Maiduguri specialist hospital you will find modern equipments, we have quip modern diagnostic facilities with new hospitals across the state, while the old ones have been renovated to standard. When we came in as a government, Borno state had less than 50 doctors, but we have 150 doctors under the state government now.”

In terms of agriculture, Dr. Bulama said: “I don’t think there’s any state who has procured first class agricultural modern equipment as we have here in Maiduguri, we have 20 combined harvesters which are brand new, and we have acquired all the method of irrigation from sprinkler to pivot.

“In the ministry of home affairs, information and culture, we have acquired a 20 kilowatt FM transmitter accompanied with a brand new state of art studio facilities have been installed and  60 kilowatt AM station as well.”

“While in the industries, we have tomatoes paste industry, we have the largest solar panel manufacturing company in west Africa which is about to be commissioned, we have a brand new industrial estate along Maiduguri-Kano road. 

During the second term of his Excellency he was able to initiate and created the Ministry of RRR, Reconstruction Rehabilitation and Resettlement. This ministry has done exceptionally well it has reconstruct structures and homes destroyed by Boko Haram it has constructed over 30, 000 homes,” he concluded.

The government recently established a State University which is about to take off, the management and Principal Officers of the University were inaugurated few days ago.