Commissioner urges youths to be more active in politics

Commissioner for Youth Political Participation in Africa at PYU, Oladele Nihi

The Pan-African Youth Union (PYU) has challenged Nigerian Youths to get actively involved in politics to take over the running of the nation.

This is even as the group appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to appoint more youths in his administration.

The Commissioner for Youth Political Participation in Africa at PYU, Oladele Nihi made the appeal in a congratulatory message to President Buhari and Nigerians on the 59th Independence Anniversary celebration.

Nihi said that at 59, Nigeria should no longer be considered a developing nation but a developed nation, challenging the older generations to begin to gradually yield leadership space to the younger generation.

He also urged Nigerian youths to be more active in governance and nation building, emphasising that the youths must be actively involved in getting Nigeria to the desired height.

As the country clocks 59, the time to bequeath leadership to the youths is now. The set of political elites currently running the affairs of the nation need to give the youths the chance to contribute their quota to nation building,” Nihi said.

He urged youths to gain leadership independence now and the hope of Nigeria succeeding rest on the shoulders of every youths.

Nihi appealed to President Buhari to reassure  youths by appointing more of them to run affairs in his administration.

For us not to let the unborn generations down, I wish to encourage Nigerian youths to be bold enough, and be actively involved in governance.

“Youths must stop acting as praise singers to politicians and rather get actively involved in the process themselves. As we all celebrate as a great resilient people, we all pray for Nigeria to succeed,” he said.


Mercy Chukwudiebere