Communication best recipe for a successful marriage-Veteran Journalist

Gloria Essien


A veteran journalist, Mr Tom Adaba has urged couples to always communicate as constant communication saves marriages.

He was speaking at the 9th edition of Couples Yellow Day, in Abuja.
Mr Adaba who has been married to his wife for fifty four years, said that aside God and patience, constant communication between couples is the key for a lasting relationship.
“Communication, communication, communication and continuous communication is what couples need to stay together. Talk about anything and everything, ” he advised.
The organizer of the Couples Yellow Day show, Ms Daughter Jack, said that the main objective of the show is ” to bring couples together to have fun.”
‘Yellow signifies happiness and joy. That is why the show is called Couples Yellow Day,” Ms Jack said.
She said that over the years, the show has been used to heal marriages and encourage harmony.
Some of the couples who attended the show expressed satisfaction at the show and promised to always keep a date with the next edition.
Older couples at the show gave marriage advice and tips to the younger ones.
There were talks, music, dance, award presentations and gifts to spice up the day.
Omolayo. A