Conservative lawmaker quits local party over Brexit

United Kingdom Conservative lawmaker Boles quits local party over Brexit

A senior lawmaker from Britain’s governing Conservatives, Nick Boles has quit his local party on Saturday due to disagreements over Brexit.

The move comes as the decision to leave the European Union continues to reshape loyalties in the country’s politics.

Boles, 53, has been critical of the government’s threat to leave the EU without a deal and have faced calls from his local party to be ousted as its candidate for the next general election.

He said ”he could remain aligned with the Conservatives in parliament if they make him an acceptable offer.”

Letter to local party
The former minister said in a letter to his local party: “I am not willing to do what would be necessary to restore a reasonable working relationship with a group of people whose values and views are so much at odds with my own…I regret that my relationship with you should end in this way, but a politician without principles is worthless.”

2016 EU referendum
Britain’s 2016 EU referendum has split not only British towns and villages but also parliament, with both Conservative and Labour leaders struggling to keep their parties united.

Last month, 11 members of parliament from both main parties defected to form the Independent Group, in large part dismayed by the handling of Brexit.


Reuters/Olajumoke Adeleke