Consumer protection ensures complain resolution by service providers

Jennifer Inah, Abuja


The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, FCCPC in Nigeria says its 2020 goal is to ensure that manufacturers and service providers become active, vibrant and timely in resolving consumer complains.

The Director General of FCCPC, Mr Babatunde Irukera disclosed this at a strategic media engagement in Abuja Nigeria’s Capital.

Mr Irukera said the FCCPC  in 2019 became very good at resolving consumer complains noting that the commission in the past received 700 to 1000 consumer complains annually and now receives 1000 consumer complains on a weekly basis.

”Now we are receiving complains from multiple channels including twitter, facebook, WhatsApp, our Complete Resolution Portal online, calls and emails, the complains are more and channels for reaching us have expanded but the criticism of our responsiveness hasn’t stopped but has gone down.” He said.

The Director General stated that it is the obligation of the service provider to ensure they have robust mechanisms for feedbacks which includes resolution of dissatisfaction.

According to Mr Irukera “When companies resolve complains themselves they deploy more resources to it, they get a lot more feedbacks about what is going on, they carry the headache of open unresolved complains and that is what is going to make complains reduced to a minimum level”.

He however, called on the media to come on a voyage with the commission to enforce consumer rights in the country.

“In 2020 we should focus on two things, robust enforcement and wider consumer education, this will hold companies accountable to consumers and also device mechanisms that would put them on their toes to prevent what can create dissatisfaction.” He added.

Suzan O