Cooperative society trains women on coconut oil production


HAAB Domestic Services Cooperative Society says it has trained more than 200 women on coconut oil production.Mrs. Hauwa Musa, the Manager of the cooperative society, said this on the sidelines of a training workshop in Abuja.

She said that the demand for coconut oil has increased significantly in recent times because of the numerous benefits that could be derived from the oil.

She noted that the training was organized due to the market potential of coconut oil in the country, adding that coconut oil production would make the women become financially independent. “The demand for coconut oil is increasing because of its diverse uses. For example, people now use coconut oil to treat skin diseases of different kinds.

It is also good for hair growth and people are beginning to use the oil regularly because of the weather.

Coconut oil has a unique role in people’s diets as a food and it serves as a raw material that provides potentially useful levels of antimicrobial activity in individuals.

The oil can be used to treat diabetes and boost brain functions,” she said.

Musa said that the training would also help the government in its drive to reduce poverty in the country. “Women are suffering and I want them to be self-reliant; so we are facilitating the efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to eradicate poverty and make women useful at home and everywhere.

The president is trying and the only way to complement his efforts is to arm the women with the needed skills to make money,” she said.

One of the trainees, Miss Monica Dung, an unemployed graduate, said that she is happy to be part of the training, adding that she would strive to utilize the knowledge she acquired in the training. She also advised women to stop waiting for white-collar jobs and go into coconut oil production because of its health and economic benefits.

HAAB Domestic Services Cooperative Society was established in 2010 to empower Nigerian women financially via training in agribusiness skills.