Coronavirus: Ugandan student in Italy pleads for food aid


A Ugandan student in Italy has appealed for food aid from the government to help her and other students cope amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Italy, which is the world’s hardest hit country in terms of number of deaths from the virus, has extended its lockdown until Easter.

Dinah Wobuyaga told Uganda’s NBS television via a video link that she was not entitled to food relief in Italy as she was not a citizen.

She said she and other Ugandan students had reached out to the Ugandan embassy two weeks ago for help, but nothing had been forthcoming.

From Saturday April 4, Uganda’s government intends to distribute relief food locally to its citizens.

Each person of 1.5 million vulnerable people is to receive 6kg (12lb) of maize flour, 3kg of beans and salt.

Breastfeeding women and the sick would also be given 2kg of powdered milk and 2kg of sugar each.

Ms Wobuyaga said she wanted those living abroad to be considered as well.

“We are not working; we do not get any funds from anywhere except the scholarships we got which are done,” the student said.


Olajumoke Adeleke