COVID-19: Africa records over 128,500 positive cases, 53,000 recoveries

Amaka E. Nliam


The World Health Organization (WHO) has recorded over 128,500 cases of the #COVID19 in Africa- with more than 53,000 recoveries and 3,700 deaths

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus on the continent, every African country has been affected:

In South Africa 27,403 people have tested positive for the virus. However, 14,370 have recovered, while 577 casualties have been recorded.

Algeria has registered 8,997 confirmed cases, 5,277 so far have recovered while 630 have died.

So far, Nigeria has recorded 8,915 cases of the coronavirus, 2,592 recoveries and 259 fatalities.

Ghana has recorded 7,303 positive cases of the virus; 2,412 have recovered while 34 have died.

View country figures and more with the WHO African Region #COVID19 Dashboard:

Amaka E. Nliam