COVID-19: Archbishop asks Christians to seek God’s mercy

Chucks Ugokwe

Most Reverend Alexander C Ibezim, The Archbishop, Province of the Niger and Bishop of Awka Anglican Communion

Archbishop, Province of the Niger and Bishop Awka Anglican diocese, Anglican Communion Anambra state, Most Reverend Alexander Chibuzor Ibezim, has called on Christians to pray ceaselessly during this Holy Week for God Almighty to have mercy and save mankind from the ravaging virus.

Archbishop Ibezim was speaking in a sermon during his virtual Palm Sunday church service without congregation at Our Savior’s Anglican Church, Emmaus House Awka.

The virtual service was in conformity with the Anambra State government guidelines on social distancing, hand washing and use of hand sanitizers, though there were no congregation as it was meant for congregation to join the worship from their homes.

Archbishop Ibezim while lamenting that Nigeria and other parts of the world are bleeding from the pains of Coronavirus, reassured that God Almighty will save mankind from the pandemic.

The Awka Anglican Diocesan Bishop urged Christians to call unto God to forgive the sins of mankind and have mercy in accordance with His promise that, “He will heal our infirmities; He will restore our health; the Lord is compassionate.”

Archbishop Ibezim encouraged children of God to use the celebration of the “triumphal entry of our Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusalem ”, to call on “Him to heal us and save us from the Coronavirus pandemic since viruses are subject to Jesus Christ’s command”.

He charged Christians to focus on the word “Hosanna” which means “please save us” as only God has the power to save mankind from the plague.

Archbishop Ibezim appealed to God Almighty to hear the prayers of His servants and save mankind from the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said: “….people of God in the light of the Pandemic crisis of COVID-19 ravaging the world, we are witnessing crisis of in all fronts, but God Almighty will save mankind from the Coronavirus in Jesus Christ’s name …Amen.”

Archbishop Ibezim further called on God, on behalf of the congregation at home listening to his live service, to have mercy and stop the further spread of the virus.

“You are the exalted God, worthy of praise, mighty to save; nothing is too hard for you O’ Lord. You will deliver your people from fear, isolation and premature death in Jesus name…..Amen.” He prayed.

“Let coronavirus ravaging the entire humanity sending thousands to untimely grave be terminated in Jesus name. And for many families passing through isolation and Hunger, the Lord will heal and provide for your needs in Jesus name …Amen.” Archbishop Ibezim concluded.


Zainab Sa’id