COVID-19: Commission donates medical equipment to Gombe

Rebecca Mu’azu, Gombe


The North East Development Commission NEDC has donated additional support to the Gombe State Covid-19 Taskforce, including three ventilators.

The Chairman of the task force in Gombe, Professor Idris Mohammed, said the donation from the commission now brings the number of ventilators in the state to six, thereby giving room for the establishment of six centres where the patients with Covid-19 will be managed.

Professor Mohammed said as an indication of how fully prepared Gombe State was in curbing the Coronavirus, even though the state had no single case of Covid-19, the state would in two days’ time have six ventilators.

He announced that the NEDC had also supplied 1,800 Personal Protective Equipment, with one thousand of the supplies meant for the State Ministry of Health and the remaining 800 for the Federal Teaching Hospital, Gombe.

The Chairman listed the items to 1, 800, Personal Protective Equipment, 1000 pieces of N95 Surgical masks, 500 Ordinary Masks, 32 Thermometer Infrared, 400 hand gloves and 400 hand Sanitizers, 4 Cardiac monitors.

The Gombe State Task force on Covid-19 said even though fund raising was not part of its mandate, wealthy and kind hearted individuals  both indigenes and non-indigenes of the state should join the team of supporters by contributing to the needed palliatives for the management of Covid-19 in the state.

The Chairman of the Committee, Professor Idris Mohammed, said the task force had been getting some support from the state, including from the Management of the Federal Teaching Hospital, Gombe.

“In this regard, I wish to make a passionate appeal to everyone whether citizens of Gombe State or not, to come forward with their donations for the Covid-19 task force, because this pandemic is something which we have never seen before. Whatever donation you make, is unlikely to be one hundred per cent sufficient in dealing with the problems at hand. But whatever you give, will be highly appreciated by the task force,” said Professor Mohammed.

The Gombe State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Gana, announced the donations made by the North East Development Commission and the Stallion Group.

“With regards to the support we have been receiving, the Stallion Group is actually making a pledge to support the dedicated centres for the next three months. There is a commitment from them that all the centres that are being designated as Covid-19 Centres in Gombe and I guess across the federation, they will be supplying rice and fish to those facilities. And then the North East Development Commission just sent in some additional support to the state. They have just arrived at the Central Store. The document has not come to the taskforce, but of course the Honourable Commissioner has just been informed of what the content of the supplies include. But most significantly, there are three ventilators included in the whole thing that they are supplying. They are also supporting us with about 1, 800 personal protective equipment and this is also very strategically important. 1000 dedicated to the State Ministry of Health and the 800 to the Federal Teaching Hospital,” Dr. Gana also said.     

Dr. Gana also said the 150 bed capacity Isolation Centre in Kodon was almost ready, with the installation of beds now remaining to be carried out immediately.

He said they have taken 11 samples of suspected COVID-19 cases and five results had been received which are all negative while six are being awaited. He said the state government has two ventilators bringing the total to six now with the four donated by NEDC.

He warned against stigma of those that have completed their 14 days isolation and tested negative of the disease.

“There should not be stigma to anybody isolated who was a suspected case or came in contact with those tested positive of COVID-19.

“Even if it is positive, there should not be place for stigma because it is a terrible societal situation, therefore not accepted”.

He urged those who have completed their self-isolation and certified free, to go about their normal businesses.


Dominica Nwabufo