COVID-19 in Africa: Mo Ibrahim Foundation calls for coordinated governance

Chidi Nwoke, Abuja.

COVID-19 in Africa: A call for coordinated governance, improved health structures and better data.

As the spread of COVID-19 accelerates across the world, Africa has seen confirmed cases and fatalities rise over the past few weeks. For this, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation has made a call for coordinated governance to fight the coronavirus pandemic, a statement said.

The foundation said that “epidemics are a reality test for public governance and leadership.” And if the coronavirus is allowed to spread unmanaged, the impact on African citizens and economies will be substantial.

It is against this backdrop the Mo Ibrahim Foundation released a new report, COVID-19 in Africa: a call for coordinated governance, improved health structures and better data, analysing Africa’s readiness and capacity to manage the pandemic.

Based on data, statistics and information from the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) and other sources, the foundation identified some immediate challenges in the fight against COVID-19 in Africa. Some include;

  • Low rate of data coverage on health facilities and health outcomes in Africa.
  • Infrastructure deficit which can prevent personnel from reaching affected areas at the required speed.
  • Lack of proper level of preparedness for effective point of entry screening, monitoring of travellers and treatment of cases.
  • Low rate of awareness-raising campaigns to help tackle misinformation and fake news, amongst others.

The report aims to present a clear and accurate picture, highlighting where to concentrate efforts to manage and mitigate this health crisis.

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation counts on support to help amplify the call for coordinated governance, improved health structures and better data across Africa to fight the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

digital toolkit can be found here with some key messages and social media material that you can share.

Download the report at

There is an urgent need to act on the lessons learned from the Ebola outbreak in 2015 and improve health system and citizens’ access to them, while strengthen data and statistical capacity amongst nations in Africa.


Chidi Nwoke.