COVID-19: Nigerian martial artists switch to online training

Ferguson Oluigbo, the President of Pan Africa Martial Arts International (PANAMAI) Open Sports Taekwondo Academy,  says  that the body has settled for online trainings of its athletes  due to the outbreak of COVID-19.
Oluigbo said all PANAMAI West Africa taekwondo dojangs had been closed with immediate effect in order to comply with the directives meant to prevent the spread of  COVID-19.
As martial artists, we have not relented in our  efforts to ensure that our taekwondo trainings do not suffer unduly.  In view of this, we will go online through our  WhatsApp platform.
“We have opened an online whatsapp forum where training guidelines and  videos will be served twice weekly and questions answered to ensure that we sustain our training tempo from the comfort of our homes,” he said.
He added that the platform was open to existing and new members.
According to him, consideration will be given to only old members who have  indicated interests to be on the WhatsApp training forum, while new members will be expected to request for registration details.
Oluigbo, a taekwondo grandmaster,  added that the training guidelines would commence immediately on the whatsapp platform adding that interested new members should reach out to him through his WhatsApp contact.
The WhatsApp group platform has really come in handy this time and we want to make the best use of it and to also get members informed because of the recent pandemic across the globe,” he said.
The PANAMAI boss said that the platform would create an enabling environment for participants within and outside the country to get tips and preparations on fitness, martial art and  taekwondo trainings.
He also advised members in their respective locations to comply and bring to bear all preventive measures specified by authorities aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19.