Covid-19: Nigerian Muslim community mobilizes to mitigate impact

The Executive Chairman of Muslim Public Affairs Centre, MPAC, Disu Kamor

The Nigerian Muslim community is mobilizing extensively to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in the country and provide relief for the victims.

Under the aegis of Muslim Coalition Against Covid-19, 26 Islamic organizations are pulling resources together to make impactful contributions to the nation’s efforts in the fight against the pandemic.

The Executive Chairman of Muslim Public Affairs Centre, MPAC, Disu Kamor said MPAC initiated the idea of a nationwide coalition as a common front for Nigerian Muslims to organize and focus their efforts in a coordinated and integrated form.

“The following organizations have so far agreed to work together and collaborate with other stakeholders in the mission to rid our country off the scourge of COVID-19 in sha Allah.” Kamor said.

Coalition Members

  1. Muslim Public Affairs Centre (MPAC)
  2. The Muslim Congress (TMC)
  3. Al-Usrah Inc. Port Harcourt
  4. Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria Lagos State Area Unit.
  5. Islamic Forum of Nigeria, Kano
  6. Sakinah Medical Outreach
  7. Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria (IMAN)
  8. ClearPath Islamic Foundation
  9. Islamic Education and Faith Initiative, Magodo Magodo, Lagos
  10. The Companion
  11. Federation of Muslim Women Associations in Nigeria (FOMWAN)
  12. Hijab Rights Advocacy Initiative
  13. UNILAG Muslim Alumni (UMA)
  14. Nigeria Aid Group of Islam
  15. Movement For Islamic Culture and Awareness (MICA)
  16. Muslim Welfare Fund
  17. Zakat and Sadaqah Foundation
  18. Network for Democracy and Development (NDD)
  19. Islamic Impact Centre
  20. Association of Muslim Professionals, (AMP)
  21. Nasrul-Lahi-L-Fatih Society (NASFAT)
  22. Obafemi Awolowo University Muslim Graduates’ Association
  23. NASFAT Zakat and Sadaqah
  24. NASFAT Relief Initiative
  25. The Criterion
  26. Forum For Islamic Education And Welfare

In a message to leaders of Islamic organizations, the MPAC Chairman, Disu Kamor explained the motivation for the coalition.

“As individuals, communities, as a nation and even globally, we face an unprecedented level of threat to our lives, safety and well-being. This threat is certainly at a level never seen in our lifetimes, at least.

It is therefore important, as Muslim Nigerians, that we lean on one another, and learn from each other’s experience and expertise as we join and further the nation’s efforts to halt the spread of the virus and rid our nation of the ruinous affliction. 

Rather than work as individual organizations alone, we feel our efforts as individual organizations will be better felt, better aligned and amplified simply by working within a coalition. 

In the light of this, we propose the formation of a national coalition to be called *Muslim Coalition Against Covid 19*  to work together with other stakeholders and form a common front to support and assist the nationwide intervention and relief efforts.”

We pray that God Almighty will aid the works, lighten the burden and guide our thoughts and actions, amin.” The MPAC Chairman said.


PR / Zainab Sa’id