COVID-19: WHO marks first 100 days

Amaka E. Nliam

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General, World Health Organization (WHO).

Today, April 9, marks 100 days since the World Health Organization (WHO) was notified of the first cases of “pneumonia with unknown cause” in #China, which was later to be dubbed COVID-19 caused by the Coronavirus.

The WHO’s Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, gave an overview of what the health organization has done in the past 100 days, and what it will be doing in the near future to alleviate suffering and save lives.

Speaking via Twitter Dr. Tedros said, “We’ve worked to support countries in building their capacity to prepare and respond.

“Through WHO’s network of 6 regional offices and 150 country offices, we’ve worked closely with governments around the world to prepare their health systems for #COVID19 and to respond when cases arrive.

“Through daily situation reports and these regular press briefings, we’ve kept the world informed about the latest data, information and evidence…” @DrTedros #COVID19

Amongst other steps taken by the WHO in fighting the global pandemic, Dr. Tedros particularly highlighted five key areas, one of which includes ensuring supply of essential medical equipment for frontline #healthworkers:

And today, the WHO launches @UN #COVID19 Supply Chain Task Force:

Speaking further, Dr. Tedros pointed out the Strategic and Preparedness Plan, for which more than $800 million has been pledged, which includes more than $140 million raised from more than 229,000 individuals and organizations through the #COVID19 Solidarity Response Fund.

He also said that experts have been deployed around the world through WHO’s Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network and Emergency Medical Teams platform.

In addition, the WHO has accelerated R&D:

“…We brought 400+ of the world’s leading researchers together to identify and accelerate research priorities.

“We launched the Solidarity Trial, with 90+ countries working together to find effective therapeutics as soon as possible.” @DrTedros #COVID19


Amaka E. Nliam