Customs proffer solutions to illegal migration of Nigerians

David Adekunle, Lagos

Customs Area Controller Comptroller Mohammed Uba with representatives of Migration for International Journalists in his office in Seme border.

Nigeria Customs Service says it has introduced business opportunities that will make the Country greater and reduces illegal migration among it’s citizens.

The Service advised Nigerians to invest in legitimate businesses that would bring fortune to them in the nearest future, rather than wasting their monies on illegal migration that poses life threat.

Addressing the representative of Forum of Migration International Journalists in  Lagos, Customs Area Controller, Seme border Command, Comptroller Mohammed Uba reinstated the Service commitment to uphold the virtue and maintain its statutory responsibilities in tackling the menace of illegal movement of goods, Services and human trafficking.

Uba said Nigerian government have been magnanimous to her citizens by removing excise or export duty from locally made products exported while importation of machinery to start up production attracts no import duty except Spare parts that 5% would be charged .

According to him, there are many opportunities available for all us to explore which at the end of the day will place Nigeria a producing nation. But it sadden my heart when Nigerians spent huge monies on illegal migration to Europe with aim to be rich without considering other factors. Some even travelled to import prohibited goods which are injurious or not worthy of consumption.

African Free Trade Zone Signing……

Reacting to the late signing of the Free trade Zone agreement, the Customs Controller explained that the trade agreement among any nation depends solely on the economic prosperity of such country and the agreement has to work in tandem with the country’s policy in line with economic benefits which at the same time will foster and promote unity among other member nations.

“For instance, Nigeria as the 53rd  and Benin Republic being 54th to sign have signed trans-borders patrol to prevent evasion of taxes and duty between the two nations, and the agreement was also centered to curtailing nefarious activities of illegal movement of goods, services and Child trafficking among other illegalities.

In a border areas where many amenities like Schools,roads and proper orientation  are lacking, the areas are prone to different kinds of illegalities, immoralities and criminality. What the joint or transborder meant for is one exist,one border and one nation”

Curtailing Excess Check points……

On excess check points along border lines, Uba noted that before installation of scanners provided to the border post by European Union for seamless operations, there are three lines of defence :Command, Federal Operation Unit and Strike force which is the final body that pursue check and search  to the logical conclusion.

He said even though, Check points is a place of barrier and no matter what ,Customs officers are saddled with responsibility to patrol every where in Nigeria. For instance Baji and Agbara are the only patrols while others are check points.

Nigeria’s borders are very porous because of the shared borders with Chad, Cameroon, Benin Republic among other nations,of about 320 millions people of West African nations, Nigeria has 200 million”

Ime Njoku