Customs to resolve trade disputes

David Adekunle, Lagos


The Nigeria Customs Service has promised to resolve all disputes emanating from cargo clearance at the Tin Can Island command within six hours.

This is against the background of the meeting of the committee in charge of dispute resolution twice weekly in the past which always caused delay to resolution of cargo disputes in the command.

The Customs Area Controller of the Command, Comptroller Musa Abdullahi was speaking in  Lagos while meeting with the Maritime Journalists.

Comptroller Musa who took charge of the command on February 1, 2018 said that the command would block all revenue leakage avenues to be able to meet its N354 billion target this year.

He stated that the command had collected N62 billion so far.

According to him, “No dispute should remain for more than 6 hours because the committee in charge of dispute now meets everyday as agaist the twice in a week meeting that we used to have. Our help desk is domiciled in the PRO’s office. I am the chairman while the PRO is the deputy.

“We shall block all revenue leakage avenues to realise our N354 billion target so far, we have collected N62 billion.

Fighting Terrorism
He stated that the command would contribute to fighting the menace of terrorism by intercepting imported illicit weapons coming through the seaport.

Comptroller Musa averred that the revenue collection of the command would not infringe on the government’s policy of ease of doing business.

On the variation in valuation or database, Musa stated that there would be harmonisation of valuation database.

He said with the NICIS 2 program, the valuation database would be automated by using VIN number that would provide all particulars of a vehicle and the value.

Comptroller Musa added that in no distant future, transparency was coming to clearance of motor vehicles at the ports.

Confidence Okwuchi