D-8 chief extols Nigeria’s role in security, economic development


 Amb. Ku Jaafar Ku Shaari, Secretary-General, Developing Eight (D-8) Organisation for Economic Cooperation, on Tuesday extolled Nigeria’s leading role in security and projection of Africa economic potentials.

Ku Shaari applauded Nigeria’s role in an interview and on the sideline of the official signing of the D-8 agreement on Health and Social Protection programmes in Abuja.

He said that Nigeria’s effort in beefing up regional security and promotion of African economy cannot be over emphasised hence the need to sustain such feats.

According to him, the size of Nigeria’s population and natural resources further position the country to play the leading role as regional giant in the continent.

Ku Shaari said, “Security is important; we are facing uncertainty in dealing with human trafficking, so it is a concern of every one.

“Nigeria is a big country here, the biggest economy in Africa; therefore it has a lot to play in its role as major player, both in security as well as in projecting economic development.”

He further commended Nigeria’s support to the D-8 to have contributed to the success so far recorded by the organisation since its inception.

The reports state that the D-8 which was launched on June 15, 1997comprise eight emerging national economies which include Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey.

Suzan O