Deadly unrest hits Zimbabwe

A car was torched outside Harare Central Police Station.

Two people are confirmed dead and seven others injured following overnight clashes in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, between police and members of the public.

While clashes between police, illegal vendors and transport operators are common in the city, this is the deadliest so far.

Warning shots
Authorities say an angry crowd threw stones at police as they tried to clear the streets of private commuter buses.

Police fired warning shots and then directly at the crowd, killing two.

Three police officers were also seriously wounded as crowds stoned a nearby police station, setting fire to several vehicles.

The economic crisis in Zimbabwe, including high unemployment, has led to many people setting up stalls illegally in Harare, and it has also led to the growth of private transport operators.

Police and the city council have struggled to reduce congestion and restore order in the city, amid strong public resistance.

Police say they are still investigating the violence, and described it as regrettable.