Demolition: FCTA to provide shelter for 150 stranded Orphans 

Hudu Yakubu, Abuja 


The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) says it has concluded plans towards the provision of a temporary accommodation for about 150 orphans who were left homeless following an earlier demolition exercise.

The Director Department of Development Control with the FCT, Mr Muktar Galadima stated this during a joint press briefing with the alleged owner of the affected property in his office in Abuja, Nigeria.

Mr Galadima added that the Administration was more concerned about the welfare of the children.

According to him, “in the beginning, we had sympathy and a kind heart for the children, and we are looking for a way forward for the children, on how to cushion their hardship by relocating them so that they do not feel that they are rejected by the society.

“That is why the most important thing at this moment is the welfare of those children, which we are working seriously on. We wnat to provide succour for them, by getting them a temporary accommodation, even if it is for one year, so that our children will have a safe place to stay. This is because this government has a human face. We hope to do that as soon as possible,” he assured.

While responding to the demolition exercise earlier carried out by department on the property, Divine Wounds of Jesus Christ Orphanage and Rehabilitation Home, Kubwa, Abuja, he said that it failed to comply with development control requirements in the nation’s capital.

The Director noted that, the structure was demolished for not complying with regulations and for disregarding other notices served on the property, which also included a demand for the production of title document for the property.

He stressed that, “when we received this complaint of encroachment, we visited the site and served all the relevant notices beginning from stop work notice, quit notice to demolition notice…in line with our responsibility of ensuring strict implementation of the Abuja Master Plan.

“She did not submit any title document about the disputed property. If she had submitted, we would have put her title document together with that of the complainant and sent it to the department of Lands Administration to confirm who the rightful owner of the land was or is, because there are three plots she is sitting on. The issuing authority would now write us formally confirming the real owner of the land,” he added.

The Director has however asked her to submit her documents so that it would be forwarded to the departments of Lands and the Abuja Geographic Information Systems (AGIS) to determine the authenticity and ownership of the papers and property.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Orphanage, Bishop Victoria Nkiruka Ezemoka who was part of the joint press briefing surprised everyone by producing another title document for the same property, which the department claimed she failed to produce after several notices and demands.

According to Mrs. Ezemoka, trouble over ownership of the disputed property started immediately after the death of her husband, which her brother-in-law’s claim ownership of the landed property.

While she insisted that the case was still in court hence there was no need for further action by any of the parties, including Development Control department.

However, the department said that there was already a court judgement on the matter, which documented evidence were privy to indicated the case was thrown out due to absence of all parties in court.