Development Centre sensitises youths on mental health

From left is the Emotions Doctors, Oyikansola Alabi, a Psychiatrist Doctor, Nanya Egegbaru, The Executive Director Centre for Corrections and Human Development CCHD, Mrs. Obioma Agoziem, aJapanese private investor and partner from MSCI, Mr. Suzuki Yuichi and a lawyer, Martin Akpaka.
Cynthia Okere,  Lagos
Nigerian youths have been urged to speak up on issues relating to their mental health so as to get help from mental health experts.
The Executive Director Centre for Corrections and Human Development CCHD, Mrs. Obioma Agoziem made the call in Lagos during a press conference on mental health organised by the CCHD in partnership with MSCI, a global organisation that supports common approaches to environment, social and governance issues.Why you should speak out
Agoziem blamed increasing cases of suicide in the country in recent times on the inability to speak out early.

She explained that some of the victims who had taken their lives would not have done so if they had spoken out early to someone who gave them the neccessary advise and therapy.
Mrs. Agoziem called on government and non governmental organisations, Parents, schools and religious leaders to join hand in creating awareness on the negative impact of suicide, depression and drug addiction and help provide encouragement and support to the victims.
She called for the establishment of more rehabilitation facilities to help traumatised victims regain themselves and heal phsychologically.”Government should take special interest in addressing varrious aspects of mental health of cirizens particularly the youths. There should be a public enlightenment campaign to guide the peolple. Corporate bodies should also as a matter of urgency rise up to support and fund programmes on mental health issues. The religious bodies, communities and families should pay attention to issues of metal health, seek the assistance of proffessionals in education and public awareness talks and help encourage victims to speak out,” she stated.

More hands are needed
A Psychiatrist, Doctor Nanya Egegbaru wanted more people to collaborate in addressing mental health issues in Nigeria.

Egegbaru explained that mental health issues has become a great challenge in the country because it is masked and cannot be easily seen like any other health cases making it difficult for those going through it to seek medical help.
According to her, depression is one of the leading causes of suicide and must not be taken for granted.
She called on well meaning Nigerians to focus more attention on the youths because nine out of ten persons who are using substances of abuse started at age eighteen.
She urged the people especially youths to speak out early to enable them get the necessary help that would be to their advantages from mental health workers.

She also called for more rehabilitation centres in the country.

”As many organisations that are are willing to address the issues of mental health in the country, you are welcome because we don’t have enough mental health specialists in Nigeria to address the overwhelming burden presented by the issues. having more hands that sddress the issue will not only reduce the suicide rate because more victims will be willing to speak out, go to the right places for treatment and the society will be better for everyone,’‘ She said.

Stress has to be controlled
A leading African emotional doctor, Oyikansola Alabi said stress is one of the major causes of mental illness and called on those in authorities to help better the traffic conditions of roads especially in Lagos state.

”We cannot wake up every morning and are scared of going to work and back home because of road traffic congestion. Lagos state should have a mental health policy that sees to that,” she stated.

Relief from private partners
A Japanese private investor and partner from MSCI, Mr. Suzuki Yuichi said he had learnt so much about what Nigerians are going through and promised to help.

According to him, they build schools and help children in need as he promised the gesture to Nigerians to help relieve the needy.
Lateefah Ibrahim