Devise new policy to tackle herdsmen-farmers conflict – Consultant


A media consultant, Malam Mohammed Garba, on Tuesday urged the Federal Government to formulate a new agricultural policy to address the protracted herdsmen-farmers crisis in the country.


Garba, the Chief Executive Officer of Right Contact Services Nigeria Ltd., made the call in an interview with Newsmen

He also called on the government to convene a stakeholders’ summit on cattle grazing and allied issues, with a view to finding lasting solutions to the herdsmen-farmers crisis.


“All the issues in agriculture, which ought to be addressed, have not been addressed. That is what created the problems we are facing now.


“In crafting the new agricultural policy, all the aspects of agriculture, including cattle rearing and animal husbandry, should be considered,’’ he said.


Garba urged the government to engage in wide consultations with stakeholders, including experts, in its efforts to address the herdsmen-farmers crisis, while refraining from politicising the issues at stake.


He underscored the need to have in place an all-inclusive agricultural policy that would recognise the specific contributions of farmers and herdsmen to the national economy.


“We should look at the benefits of cattle rearing and the possibility of establishing industries that would exploit its potential fully,’’ he said.


Garba said that the cattle rearing business had a huge investment potential, adding that prospective investors should be encouraged to invest in the sub-sector of the agricultural sector.


Arinze A