Don calls for increased agric sector funding


Prof. Motunrayo Olumakaiye, President, Women and Girls Organisation Diocese of Lagos has urged the Nigerian Government to increase funding of the agricultural sector to boost the nation’s economy.

Olumakaiye made the plea at the Women’s Conference of the Cathedral Church of Christ Marina in Lagos.

According to her, agriculture is the engine that drives the nation’s economy in spite of the oil boom and the lucrative position that crude oil occupies in the global economy.

She said: ‘’If the agricultural sector is properly harnessed, it can provide huge employment opportunities for the teeming population, eradicate hunger and reduce poverty.

Way back in the 60s, Nigeria’s agricultural sector, according to the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics,  constituted about 64 per cent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product.

Olumakaiye said that given the potential of agriculture in boosting the nation’s economy, government should as a matter of importance increase funding of the agricultural sector.

She suggested that research should be given high priority to boost livestock production, fishing, crop preservation and processing.

Olumakaiye commended the Federal Government concerning the ongoing effort to resolve the herdsmen/farmers’ crisis.

She urged all tiers of government to put machinery in place to stop the crisis.