Don Jazzy decries living conditions in Nigeria


Singer and record producer, Michael Collins Ajereh, popularly known as Don Jazzy, has decried what he describes as ‘the poor living conditions’ of many Nigerians.

Don Jazzy in a series of tweets on Twitter shared how the state of things in the country was not at par with what is obtained in other parts of the world.

“I am not living my best life,” he tweeted.

“We are not living our best life in Nigeria. No matter the amount of money you have. You will still ball mediocre balling…

“You will have money and you will just be seeing people suffering and your money no go sweet you spend. Our standard of living in Naija is sad o ahhhh. It’s not fair,” he said in broken/pidgin English

Don Jazzy who seemed to be in a mood to share his feelings about the country, also urged Nigerians to have a collective voice to condemn bad governance and entrench a true democracy.

“Yeah I’m in Berlin. But I normally feel this way when ever I leave the country…” he wrote.

He went on to say ”It’s very hard to be a concerned citizen, making constructive criticism & proferring solutions to socio-economic problems without being seen as someone who has a personal political agenda. There are just so many cynics in this country. Very sad.”


He also lamented increased tax plans in the country adding, it would affect the poor.

The singer/producer has been in the music industry for years and has discovered new talents while giving many creative youths an opportunity to hone their skills under his record label.