Don lauds Nigeria’s AIDS indicator, impact survey

Gloria Essien, Awka

Prof Ekanem Ekanem

A member of the Technical Committee of the Nigeria Aids Indicator and Impact Survey, NAIIS, Prof Ekanem Ekanem says the details of the protocol have been followed through.

He was speaking in Awka, Anambra state  while monitoring the exercise. 

“I am very satisfied with field activities. The field staff are in high spirits despite a few challenges, such as difficult terrain, unfriendly weather conditions and long working hours. The mapping was excellently done. There is massive support from the state government and security agencies. Most importantly, from the scientific point of view, there is strict adherence to the protocol both by field and laboratory staff“,” he said.

He also commended the communities for embracing the project even as it involved drawing of blood.

“The response rate is very impressive, over 95%, even for blood draw. There is high level of cooperation by community members,” Prof. Ekanem stated.

Improved awareness
He also called on the government and other partners in NAIIS to step up awareness about the survey.

He said that “Social mobilisation at the grassroots level needs to be improved upon in the next web of the survey. Generally, I am highly impressed and satisfied”.

The technical committee member however urged state governments to take ownership of the survey and provide logistic and other form of support to the teams.

Ecological challenges
On the poor terrain caused by flooding in Anambra state, the South East Zonal Coordinator of NAIIS, Dr. Ejike Nwene, said that those areas would be revisited.

“Some places that were mapped do not have 100% access due to ecological challenges,” he said.

He added that the success rate of the survey has been unprecedented.

The Director General of the National Agency for the Control of Aids, Dr. Sani Aliyu had earlier said that the lessons learnt from survey in one state would be used to improve on the next.