Don: Nigeria’s agriculture produce enough for export, food security


Nigeria has more than enough agricultural produce to sustain the nation and to also export.

Bunmi Adeniyi, Executive Director, GoGreen Africa Initiative said this in Abuja.

“Nigeria is by and large self-sufficient in food production as we grow all our main staples like cassava, yam, millet, maize and so on.

“We produce all the gari, pounded yam, amala, fufu, lafun, akpu, tuwo, okra, egusi, bitter leaf, all that we eat as a nation there was no need to import anything.

“Nigeria is actually a net producer of food, we produce more then we consume.

“Nigeria is currently the world’s sixth largest agricultural producer but about one third of our output are wasted because of poor roads, poor storage facilities, lack of refrigeration and poor supply chain structure,” he said.

Adeniyi said about 40 per cent of tomato output gets squashed while leaving farms because the roads are so bad that at least two baskets get ruined with every pothole that the truck hits.

He however, urged the federal government to provide efficient and competitive local monopolies, providing them with incentive to up their game.

Adeniyi also urged farmers to improve and introduce new techniques that goes with modern day farming to avoid wastage.