Drought threatens Namibia’s dairy industry – official


Namibia’s ongoing drought has put the  country’s dairy industry under threat as milk production declines by over six percent, an official said.

According to the Managing Director of Namibia Dairies Gunther Ling, fodder shortages leading to unsustainable feed prices threaten the existence of Namibia’s dairy industry.

“The decline in milk production is due to poor rainfall received this year, which resulted in unfavourable grazing conditions and reduced availability of animal feed. Raw milk production is significantly reduced, while cream supply is also under pressure,” he said.

Namibia dairies currently produce raw milk from 14 dairy farms.

He said because of the recurring drought in the past few years, four producers have left the industry.

Statistics show that the total market size for fresh and UHT milk and yogurt is 38 million liters per year, of which 62 percent is imported.