Eastern Libyan forces destroy civilian airport -UN


“The Mission renews its condemnation of the attacks conducted by the LNA forces against Zuwara airport, which cause serious damage,” it said, adding that the runway had been damaged.

The LNA also flew late on Saturday several air strikes against an air base in the western city of Misrata, whose forces are helping to defend Tripoli, residents said.

“Three massive explosions could be heard,” said one of them.

The LNA has resorted to increased air strikes against Tripoli airport and other targets since its ground campaign has failed.

Turkey has supplied the Tripoli forces with drones and trucks to match military support by Egypt and the United Arab Emirates for the LNA, according to diplomats.

The conflict is part of chaos gripping Libya since the toppling of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 to make it beyond southern suburbs of the Libyan capital.

Hauwa Mustapha