Ecologist seeks more Nigerian investment in solar energy


An Ecologist, Mr David Michael, has urged the Dangote Group and other manufacturing companies to invest on use of solar power energy to mitigate against effects of climate change.

Michael, who is the Executive Director, Global Initiative for Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation (GIFSEP), gave the advice in Abuja.

“Climate change is a threat to all of us and affects everyone. That is why our business investors like Aliko Dangote and others need to support actions against climate crisis.

“They should support the government’s efforts by investing on the production of batteries to power solar energy without minding quick return of millions of naira,’’ he said.

Michael said that the petroleum sector had created the biggest environmental damage to the nation’s ecosystems.

‘‘Nigeria, according to satellite data, is the seventh country with largest gas flare in the world with almost eight billion cubic meters of gas flared annually,’’ he said.

The executive director added that the oil spills in the Niger Delta had also created untold damage to the country’s habitat.

‘‘Nigeria uses four different types of energy: natural gas, oil, hydro and coal.

‘‘The energy sector is heavily dependent on petroleum for electricity production, which has slowed down the development of alternative forms of energy.

‘‘Three out of the four resources listed above used for energy production in Nigeria are linked with increasing greenhouse gas emissions: coal, oil and natural gas, with coal emitting the worst of the three,’’ he said.

According to him, talking about renewable energy and investment in Nigeria, many people will say that solar doesn’t work; it is not true, it works.

Renewable Energy – Sunlight with solar panel. Wind with wind turbines. Water with dam for hydropower

“Simple reason why they say it does not work is because we are not getting the right equipment, of course we buy from China and Asia where most of the equipment are substandard.

“But if we can produce them in Nigeria, for God sake, what does it take to produce a panel? It is sharp sand and it is all over the place. We can do it here.

“And if we do, this problem of electricity that we are talking about will go,’’ he said.

According to him, it is true that people particularly businessmen believe in quick return in any investment, they prefer to invest in areas they make quick profit.

“But if we know that our actions today will affect us and our generations to come, we will take serious actions not minding the quick return of getting millions of naira, to spend within a day or two,’’ Michael said.