Edo guber 2020: PDP aspirant to focus on Infrastructure

Igbogi-Green Imelda Benin


A Governorship candidate under the umbrella of the People Democracy Party ( PDP) in Edo State, Engineer Gideon Ikine has Identified ways he will focus in infrastructure development when elected as the governor of Edo State.

Engineer Gideon Ikhine disclosed this statement during an interactive forum with Journalists in Benin City the state Capital in South-South, Nigeria.

Engineer Gideon Ikhine said that the reason why he want to be governor of Edo State is to bring back lost glory to the state and to make the state a global destination of choice, “our programme is known as 2020 restoration programme, it is aimed at rebuilding the fabrics of Edo State and laying a new foundation for socio-economic prosperity for Edo State.

Our vision is restore Edo State back to glory and become a global destination of choice“.

He went further to mention the mission of governance, “my mission are as follows, restoration, rebuilding infrastructure and human capability backbones established in the past through creative integration of institutional values.

This can be attained by creating competitive edge for all edo cities especially the youth to participate in democratic programmes and policies”.

Engineer Gideon Ikhine also added the objectives and goals of his government.

I will make Edo State an enviable State through, visionary leadership, building values and culture across institution, sustainable development, viable communal economy that means through productive economy and not a consuming economy state, I will give a life and a living to all which include right to education, medicals portable water, daily meal and accommodation, revive the empire cultural heritage for a more global acceptance, uphold the welfare of all Edo citizen globally which not only limited to their freedom, business interest, security, education among others, equal participation in governance that means talent hunt, capacity development, skills enhancement to create competitive edge.”

Engineer Gideon Ikhine identified the way forward on how to achieve his objectives and goals of his administration.

While waiting for INEC to lift the ban on political campaign in the state for the governorship election 2020, our team went to work immediately and through consultations with the grass-root, case study and research; we came to the conclusion from our findings that Edo State needs a “Total Restoration” to bring us out of the present predicament and give every Edo citizen a hope for a better life and a living,”

I believe in the core values of our party founding fathers, vision, policies and principles of PDP,” Engineer Gideon Ikhine added.

According to Engineer Gideon Ikhine, He has come to the realization that Edo State needs talented individuals who can contribute to her growth and development, not parasite whose aim is to perpetually feed on the state.

He vowed that he will serve Edo State when elected as governor with professionalism and private sector experience.

I will be submitting myself to serve Edo State because I come with great professional and private sector experience, having created and built businesses with values from scratch; I believe this experience will be immense benefit to the people of Edo State in creating a sustainable economy for our dear state.“