Egypt appoints first Christian female governor


In February 2017, an Egyptian Muslim woman, Nadia Ahmed Abdou Saleh broke the glass ceiling for gubernatorial appointments when President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi named her as a governor of Baheira governorate.

Eighteen months on, another woman has attained a similar position but under different circumstances.

Manal Awad Mikhael has risen to the position of governor for Damietta governorate.

Mikhael, is a Coptic Christian and the first such to be appointed as a provincial governor.

Reports indicate that another Coptic Christian was also sworn in as a governor amidst more than 20 new appointments across the country.

Coptic Christians are a minority group in the predominantly Muslim Arab North African nation.

Their churches have in the past being attacked by terrorist groups.

President Al-Sisi has repeatedly vowed to protect them as much as every Egyptian will be.

Hauwa Mustapha